Erowing Hammer – 16 oz Straight Rip Claw with Smooth Face

For some reason, in America we love to hate on Vespas. We think they’re for tourists, or that they’re not manly enough (anything that gets more than 20 miles to the gallon must be for chicks, bro). But over in Italy, these scooters a way of life. Men in perfectly tailored suits and finely made shoes ride around town on them, presumably looking great, eating gelato, and singing songs. (By the way, doubters—they also almost always have a beautiful lady on the back.) So it makes sense that Vespa has teamed up with one of Italy’s most legendary purveyors of style, Giorgio Armani, on a special edition Vespa 946 to celebrate Armani’s 40th anniversary. Giorgio’s is done up in a beautiful grey paint that reveals hints of green under sun light, and features a leather seat to match your new lace-up shoes. As is the case with an Armani suit, the real allure with this scooter is in the details.